Coffee or Tea with Me Inspirational Message


Many years ago, I was going through a situation, and God impressed upon me to pray “Let every lie be revealed, and every hidden thing come to light.” As I began to pray this prayer, the things that had been hidden from me came to light. It amazed me when I saw the lies being revealed even by the same people who told the lies. The most incredible thing was that not only were the lies and hidden things coming out in that situation but in others as well. It seemed as if nothing could be hidden from me. Over the years whenever the need would arise I would say this prayer and watched God move on my behalf. Last year I began to pray this prayer for my country and have seen God answer in such a beautiful way. Sometimes I think how that person can say something like that, but then I realize that they are only exposing the hidden things that are within them and exposing the lies they have led people to believe. It is glorious when God gives his people the power to overcome and deliver the victory into our hands. I encourage you to take this precious truth and put it to use in your prayer life. You will be amazed at how well it works.

-Rebekah Rankin

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