Letter from the Desk of Rebekah Rae


I hope those of you who have read the articles on prayer have been able to put the principles to work in your own lives. If you have not yet read the articles, I hope you too find them insightful and an encouragement to continue in powerful prayer life.
In the last inspirational message posted, I spoke of prayer, “Let every lie be revealed, and every hidden thing come to light.” This prayer is essential in this day and time. It is more important than ever before that we do not let the lies blind us. Lies can be very deceitful and misleading. People who are blinded by the lies will fall into the trap. We as the people of God do not want to fall into the traps set by those wanting to destroy. We must have eyes to see not only the traps of the enemy but also the works that God is doing. As we move forward, we must not be deceived by the lies of man because we can see the truth, if we are willing to open our eyes and let the Holy Spirit reveal his plan to us. We must let go of many of the things man has taught us and allow God to reveal himself to us. Be not deceived by those who twist the Word of God into a lie.
In the Garden, the serpent twisted the words spoken to Eve. Adam had told her if she ate of the Tree of Good and Evil she would surely die. The serpent said, “thou shall not surely die.” He changed a truth into a lie by adding one word. She believed the lie and did eat. Then she offered to her husband, and he did eat. Adam was not deceived he just went along with Eve. The truth had been given to Adam by God, and to Eve by Adam, they chose to believe the lie and fall into sin and death.
When the Devil tempted Jesus in the wilderness, the Devil used the scriptures to try and trap Jesus into doing something against the truth of God’s Word. Jesus knowing the scriptures was able to combat the lies with the truth. Jesus prepared himself for this temptation. He had spent forty days in prayer and fasting. It is so important to have a life grounded in the Word of God and prayer; however, fasting is a significant part of a life of victory. It is vital to our survival and living a victorious life here on this Earth.

-Rebekah Rankin

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